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Here is the list of all my books and my books with other authors. All of them are FREE for Kindle Unlimited.

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Hey Amy Silva fans! For the latest news on Recourse 4 join the facebook group here.

I am excited to share that since I started working with a new editor, the Recourse series had been reworked to become more steamier and revealing. We went through all the books to make Recourse the most thrilling, panties-melting romantic suspense you could get your hands on. Just check out the changes below:

There are now many more insights into Laura’s thoughts  and feelings – over 50 new lines added!

More dynamics between Laura and Amy – learn what Laura thought of Amy.

A brand new super steamy sex scene in book 2!

The very first sex scene between Laura and Chase is now more intense!

A reworked sex scene in book 3, now a new jail (omg!) sex scene instead of the dream sex sequence!

I am really proud of this updated version of the Recourse series as it stands as my best work. Today you have a chance to read The Recourse series as it’s most steamy, most exciting version. What’s more, the books are now available as a boxset at 40% off and you can get them FREE for Kindle Unlimited.        Get the updated versions by clicking here and dip into the steamy world of Recourse


Recourse Bundlegood dare box


Also presenting the more polished versions of Uncovered and Dare to Fall. These books have been edited to ensure better grammar so you could read them smoothly. Get the updated boxset here at 40% Also free for Kindle Unlimited!
If you’re wondering on the status of Recourse 4, get the latest updates at my facebook page. And if you go and like the page right now, I have put a piece of Recourse 4 there.

Love, Amy Silva.


September 2015: Introducing torn:


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The boxset of TORN is 40% off, a three-part series from Amazon bestselling author Amy Silva and Eva Mara.

Charlotte has mixed feelings for Carter Evans. He’s controlling, and way too cocky. With his muscular body, deep blue piercing eyes and smart mouth he’s always been the center of attention. And now after becoming a local celebrity, he’s almost a jerk.

But he’s also her stepbrother. The one who helps and protects her when she needs it. This school break was supposed to be about Charlotte getting over her last breakup, yet she finds herself spending more time with Carter as his energy pulls her closer. She’s always been the level headed one the predictable one, still their chemistry draws her closer and closer to the flame. And in a town where everyone knows everyone, a single wrong step can lead to ruin for  Carter’s future and Charlotte’s reputation.

Note: This series is a rollercoaster ride, so this book ends in a cliffhanger. Parts Two and Three will be released within the next few weeks.

July 2015 – Book release end of the month, make sure you’re on the mailing list to be the first to know.

Recourse Bundle

Out now – a low price bundle for popular Steamy Suspense series RecourseFor the first time ever, this box set contains the first 3 books in the Recourse series. Featuring steamy, make-your-panties melt scenes with the heart pounding suspense, this series had long been a fan favorite while making many blush! Now you have a chance to get it for the low price as a box set and escape to the steamy world of Recourse. Warning – seriously sexy scenes, not for the faint hearted!


The Recourse Series – the steamy suspenseful ride set within the high society.

Laura Bishop was a world apart from the girl Chase Adams knew back in high school. He was always the gorgeous Greek god who could have any girl he wanted,
and she was just Laura Bishop, the girl who blew her chance at having him. .
Years later her new secrets led Laura far away from the girl he used to know. She could never imagine just how far.
What happens when new life clashes with the one person from your past you don’t dare forget?
What do you do when fate gives you another chance but changes the game?

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UNCOVERED – The billionaire drama story set in Chicago.

Kate Simms, a fashion planner, is ready to make smart choices in a new city. Finally over her ex, she is ready for the hot Chicago summer. The olive-eyed, hot as fire Jace Roland storms into her life at her most vulnerable moment. Strong, wildly successful, he is six foot three of pure walking sex and the most wanted man in town. He sweeps you off your feet and doesn’t care what you think. Kate can sense the wild inferno within him while he tries to keep his protective shell up just the way he likes it. He can have any woman he wants yet it is Kate who get close enough to uncover what’s hidden deep inside. When old feelings clash with the newly found love, Jace is dared to make a choice that can expose him. Kate and Jace get caught in the whirlwind of fiery passion, unaware that Kate must also choose as she is pursued by a powerful man who isn’t about to let her go.

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DARE TO FALL –  College romantic suspense.

Nikki Larmont was destined to be a ballerina, but don’t ever ask her what happened. Ready for a new chapter in her life she started college to leave the past far behind. Then she meets the inferno that is Dylan Reed. Dylan Reed can’t be tamed. He’s confident and always in control. He takes what he wants and doesn’t give a d*mn.

When he meets Nikki, he finds her far from the average freshman. Nikki realizes she is over her head. A perfect mix of hot muscles, cocky bad boy attitude matched by the gorgeous looks, she can’t get him out of her mind.

As Dylan gets to know her, Nikki’s ability to see the real draws him in. For the first time in his life he finds himself wanting to try for a chance at something real. Things spin out of control as fate reshuffles the deck. Are they ready to pay the price of admission for their one shot at love? Can they handle the stakes?

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